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Beyond the Dash

DoorDash believes that every Dasher deserves the opportunity and support to achieve the life they want. That’s why they launched Beyond the Dash — an ongoing platform to spotlight and empower Dashers and their passions.

While dashing on the side, Detroit artist Erik Hodson never stopped pursuing his passion for art. He created The Dreaded Dinosaur Man comic book with the ultimate goal of launching a hit TV show and toy line.

Now he is one step closer to reaching that goal!

DoorDash partnered with Muros to bring Detroit Dasher and artist Erik Hodson’s half-man, half-dinosaur superhero to life on its biggest platform yet — a mural that turns his passion for comics into a giant message of hope for Detroit.

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  • Artist: Erik Hodson
  • Location: Corktown | Detroit, MI
  • Project Type: Mural Campaign
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