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Chicago Fire FCBrand Re-launch campaign

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The Chicago Fire FC partnered with Muros to bring their brand relaunch to life by partnering with 4 local artists to activate murals within 4 Chicago neighborhoods.

With the new branding intended to represent all of Chicago and promote unity across the city, each artist was encouraged to create a mural that represented their own perspective of the team, the community, and the city.

  • artists: Anthony Lewellen, Fedz, Cujo, Sentrock
  • locations: West Loop, Chatham, West Town, Pilsen
  • Project Type: Multi-Location Mural Campaign

about sentrock

Sentrock is a self-taught Chicago street artist who is most known for his signature bird-mask character. Sentrock describes his bird-mask as analogous to humanity: a person who is able to find or escape to their freedom by placing them in a different reality. Through his work, he has become a catalyst for his community. His work presents undertones of hope, freedom and expression.

about fedz

Fedz is a Pilsen-based artist is known for his signature blue on red color palette. Taking a photorealistic approach to his art, these vibrant colors contrasted against each other create very impactful murals. He believes that seeing everyday animals and people in new colors will force you to think about them in a new, unique way.

about anthony lewellen

Anthony Lewellen is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary art maker. His work has come to include a growing body of large-scale public murals along with numerous private commissions. The elements of this visual language are quintessentially Midwestern and even more precisely quintessentially Chicago, consistently appearing in his work. The images he creates seem to evoke unspoken narratives written in the urban landscape like images torn from a story. He continues to live and work on the cities North West side.

about cujo

Cujo is a Chicago-based artist with a multi-disciplinary approach and unique vision. His works are of various mediums and surfaces. From large outdoor murals, to small figurines — anything’s game. He believes art should not be confined or restricted, as long as it is executed with integrity and skill. The content of his pieces vary, but more often than not, they intersect humor, human behavior, and city life.

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