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Anheuser BuschBud Light Platinum Black Light Mural

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The Details

brewed for the night

Bud Light Platinum wanted to take this mural project to another level for a Halloween launch. Muros built and installed a 16 light, specialized black light rig to illuminate this unique ad in St. Louis, MO. Los Angeles mural artist Sel painted a photorealistic design of the new product that was then embellished with black light activated paint so this piece magically transformed from day to night.

  • artist: Sel
  • location: St. Louis, MO
  • project type: exterior mural
  • size: 5500 SF
man spray painting the letter E on budlight platinum outdoor advertising mural artist standing on scaffolding painting budlight platinum mural
two artists standing in front of budlight platinum black light mural in st. louis, MO
close up of budlight platinum black light mural lit up at night artist on raised lift painting bud light platinum black light mural
full view of bud light platinum brewed for the night black light activated exterior mural at night All Projects
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