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Bose 2021 NFL Draft

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The Details

Rule The Quiet

As part of their #RuletheQuiet campaign and to highlight the top 2021 NFL Draft prospects in their hometowns, Bose partnered with Muros to activate murals of Trevor Lawrence (Pick #1 to the Jacksonville Jaguars), Zach Wilson (Pick #2 to the New York Jets), and Justin Fields (Pick #11 to the Chicago Bears).

Each artist completed 3 murals over 2 phases, with the final phase executed overnight right after the results came in from the NFL Draft.

Additionally, each mural was painted in the players’ hometowns in partnership with local businesses who wished to show their support to their hometown heroes!

  • artists: Gus Cutty & Aljay Fuimaono
  • locations: Cartersville, GA | Kennesaw, GA | Provo, UT
  • size: 400-500 SF each
  • project type: Multi-City Mural Campaign

about the artist

Aljay Fuimaono is a Provo Utah-based artist who has emerged in the art world with a fresh take on Polynesian cultural fine art. The contemporary styled artist enjoys incorporating realism and abstract styles with rich colors and sketch-like strokes to create striking imagery with underlying cultural themes.

about the artist

Gus Cutty started painting through street art and tagging, but then eventually found his way to portraiture. He attributes his recent success to his friend who pressured him to help paint a “Game of Thrones” mural in 2012. At that point, it had been 6 years since he last painted. Turns out, according to the artist, painting is just like riding a bike, and he hasn’t had a “real” job since.

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