Building the Brand: The Important Role of Art and Culture

It’s no secret that consumers are seeking brands they can trust.

In today’s evolving market, the public perception of a brand’s authenticity can make or break its success. The priority of authenticity won’t slow down anytime soon. Younger generations, like Gen-Z, aren’t just purchasing, they’re advocating, with more than 70% of respondents in a recent Edelman survey agreeing they recommend brands they trust across social media and the communities they’re part of.

Authenticity Matters

There’s a significant gap between marketers, consumers, and the perception of authenticity. 

In a recent survey, a whopping 92% of marketers reported they believe their content and campaigns resonate as authentic with consumers. But in the same survey, more than 50% of consumers polled agreed that less than half of the brands they engage with resonate as authentic. 

This wide gap of disconnect presents a clear opportunity — brands willing to do the work to create authentic content and impact will separate themselves from the competition, leading to lasting consumer loyalty and brand trust.

But, it’s not just consumer-focused brands that can benefit from authenticity. In an effort to authentically lean into their community by tapping into Chicago cultures, global property developer, Sterling Bay, partnered with Muros® to activate two exterior murals at The Dylan, their newest Chicago property. 

Chicago artists Kate-Lynn Lewis and Emmy Star Brown brought their well-recognized artistic styles to the table, activating 1500+ square foot murals that can be seen from a distance in the Fulton Market area. This work signaled Sterling Bay’s support of local art and culture to the millions of Chicagaons who work and play in the nearby area.

Art Impacts All

A recent Gallup study found that employee engagement and business profits go hand-in-hand. 

Researchers studied more than 100,000 businesses, encompassing 2.7 million employees. In their research, they found direct correlations between employee engagement and performance outcomes, like profitability, productivity, quality and retention.  

Across the board, no matter the industry, research pointed to companies with strong internal cultures outperforming their competitors. And the gaps are significant — many low engagement teams experienced turnover rates that are 43% higher than their competitors with strong internal cultures.

One proven method to positively enhance internal culture is engaging employees through art-forward campaigns or projects. These initiatives can spark curiosity and creativity, while also displaying the company’s values and the groups that are inherent to its success. A recent Business Contribution survey backed this up, finding that 59% of businesses agreed that arts and culture increased employee creativity, retention and growth.

Whether you’re looking to elevate a new internal space, like Chick-Fil-A’s interior mural for their corporate Irvine office, or hoping to make a splash with consumers like our Pickle Haus interior mural for their recent grand opening, creative artwork is one of the best ways to put your brand and values on full display. Afterall, white walls don’t tell your story.

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